Dining Experience

Offered at the Inn

  • Gourmet Breakfast (included)
  • Gourmet Lunch (quote upon request)
  • Victorian Afternoon Tea (quote upon request)
  • Menu Planning for special events (quote upon request)

Orangeville Fine Dining

  • Rustic –199 Broadway Ave (519) 940-3108
  • Forage – 163 First Street (519) 942-3388
  • Bluebird – 100 Broadway Ave (519) 941-3101

Casual Dining

  • Mill Creek Pub – 25 Mill Street (519) 307-5700
  • The Barley Vine Rail Co. – (519) 942-3400


Grandmas Best Kept Secret Pantry

  • INN Store Pantry – made with the freshest ingredients
  • Homemade preserves and jams
  • Incredible Salsas 
  • Unbelievable Jellies 


Refrigeration close to Suites

  • Contents of refrigerators for guest use only.


About Grandmas Best Kept Secret Pantry

Homemade Jams, Jellies, Chutneys and Salsas. Prepared with the freshest ingredients! visit Grandma's website

Grandma's Best Kept Secrets



fine dining in Orangeville




"Thank you for everything! We enjoyed our stay and Judy is a wonderful cook. Tracey and Judy are super people and we will keep in touch. The homemade jams and jellies, made by "Grandmas Best Kept Secrets" were delicious and we bought quite a few from the McKintrick pantry. Keep the pantry stocked for our next visit!"

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